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The Unforgettable Side Of New York City... Up Close And Personal

At Yellow Shoes Tours, we offer curated tours through New York City where you’ll embark on a journey of untold stories and hidden gems. From personalized adventures, historical tours, city escapes and heritage journeys, you’ll experience the unforgettable side of New York.

Yellow Shoes Signature Tours

Unlock the hidden magic of New York City with Yellow Shoes Tours. Choose from one of our signature tours, customize it around your preferences, or let us create something from scratch. Each journey is tailor-made and jam-packed with local secrets, trendy spots and insider-access.


Going beyond guidebooks and everyday bus tours, our tours are immersive walking adventures, so you fully sense the magic– and get the most out of every moment.


All Yellow Shoes Tours are:


  • Led by an experienced, Licensed New York City Tour guide with extensive knowledge about the history, culture, and untold stories of each area
  • Customizable so you experience New York City exactly the way you want
  • On-foot journeys that are carefully planned and expertly executed at your pace so you’re always comfortable
  • Designed so refreshments and restroom access are always close by
  • Loaded with New Yorker secrets so you have a fully immersive experience of the Big Apple
  • Optimized with insider-access and trendsetting knowledge with cutting-edge art, fashion, cuisine and culture
  •  Although standard tours are 4 hours, they can be customized for a longer, deeper experience


Live Your Ancestor’s Journey To New York

Walk The Heroic Past Of Your People

Length: 4hours

Live and breathe your ancestor’s path to a new life. With Yellow Shoes Tours, we’ll create a dynamic journey across dimensions, connecting you with your past.


We’ll delve deep into your historical roots, and walk the passages your family took when they first arrived on New York soil. By visiting the neighborhoods where they settled, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of their obstacles, triumphs and defeats.


Unlike paper records, this full sensory experience is an eye-opening journey of hope,
determination and strength. You’ll be transported back to a time where the city was new and brimming with possibilities.


Whether your Irish family escaped the Great Famine, your Dutch family built Manhattan, or your German ancestors created the garment industry, you’ll leave with a richer grasp of your heritage– and how it shaped who you are today.

The Spirit Of New York

Meet A Cast Of Characters From New York’s Past

Length: 4hours

Transport yourself back to New York City’s past in this immersive tour. A magical experience, you’ll journey across dimensions, eras and places that reveal the spirit of New York.


Diving into multiple cultural hubs, you’ll meet costumed interpreters of different heritages who’ll show you the best of their community. Each actor will lead you to hidden gems, introduce you to delicious tastes, and entertain you with authentic surprises.


From Chinatown, little Russia, Curry Row, and more, you’ll be whisked off to a new land where you’ll sample the art, history and delicacies of their heritage. Hear the stories of their passage to America and discover tales once thought lost to time.


A true sensory experience unlike anything else, this mosaic of culture and history is an
opportunity to engage, embrace and celebrate the diversity of New York.

Walk The Shadows Of A Rebellion

Travel 250 years in the past to 1776 New Yorkt

Length: 4hours

Teetering on bloodshed, the air of New York was thick with the threat of violence. At odds with Britain and longing for freedom, the people were ready to rise up.


Then, on July 3rd, 1776, the British descended on the city, determined to gain control of the colonies. Led by George Washington, the rebels were driven off Long Island, then Harlem, then New Jersey, and the battle seemed lost– Britain had captured New York.


Curious how George Washington and the Rebellion took back the city? Travel back in time and walk in their shadows to find out!


Plus, you’ll discover buzzworthy cafes, delicious food, and fabulous shopping when it’s time to travel back to the present.

Greenwich Village: In Between The Cobblestones

Discover The Original Hipster Scene

Length: 4hours

Bohemian. Free-spirited. Iconoclast. This is Greenwich Village– where the cobblestone paths inspired artists and writers that changed the world.


Mavericks like e.e cummings, Edgar Allen Poe, Jackson Pollock,  Bob Dylan and Henry James strolled these streets, giving this area its eccentric beat. Full of lush trees, ivy-dotted brownstones and little-known wonders, you’ll be whisked to an era of charm and creative genius.


This tour is also full of gorgeous historic landmarks like St. Luke in the Fields Church and Washington Town Square, but the real charm is revealed in its unknown stories.


From Prohibition-era secrets, hidden courtyards, majestic architecture and a rag-tag collection colorful characters, you’ll feel the electric spirit of the past.


Plus, with some of the best artsy boutiques, designer fashion houses, and delicious cafes close by, you’ll find beautiful (and tasty) surprises around every corner.


Manhattan Days, Electric Nights

Go Beyond The Usual

Length: 4hours

Brimming with culture and iconic sights, Manhattan is a bustling hub of history, art, eateries and fashion.


This is the home of world-famous darlings like The Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center and Ellis Island. But beyond the usual big-hitters, Manhattan is a capsule of time– and when you know how to open it, its gifts are revealed.


Lose yourself in Chelsea Market or taste gold-standard gelato at High Line. Discover hidden scenic spots in Central Park– everywhere you turn, Manhattan whispers its stories– many seldom known by New Yorkers!


Then, after a day of history, delicious eats, and shopping, catch a Broadway hit or a show at the Lincoln Center. As local insiders, you’ll get access to the hottest tickets in town!


From gastronomy hotspots in SoHo to warehouse galleries in Tribeca, this tour is bursting with wondrous surprises you’ll never forget.

East Side: The Beauty Of Contrasts

Experience Bargain Beats To Posh Streets

Length: 4hours

Experience the incredible– home to premier museums, trendy restaurants and shops, plus the stately mansions of New York’s elite, the Upper East Side is the height of refinement.


Take in Museum Mile with 7 world-class institutions, shop haute-couture on Madison Avenue, visit Wall Street or spot celebs walking their dogs on 5th. It’s elegance at its finest.


Then, stroll down to the lower part of the West Side, where a mix of old and new, boho and glam, are the norm. Originally settled by Irish, German and Jewish populations in the 19th century, the Lower East Side is now a funky, gritty, rock n’ roll neighbourhood. And with Chinatown nearby, its a multicultural hub of delicious food, boutiques, architecture and fashion.


Full of rich history and cutting-edge hotspots, there’s a special something for everyone.

West Side: Home Of The Cosmopolitan

Where The Culturally Rich Meets Mother Nature

Length: 4hours

Lush with green space, the West Side of New York is a Burrough of beauty. From the western edges of Central Park to the Hudson River, this area is home to a patchwork of natural delights and hidden stories.


On the Upper West Side, you’ll find family-friendly parks while the Lower West Side is one of Manhattan’s oldest and most diverse neighbourhoods. Once settled by Greek, Polish, and Turkish populations, you’ll sense the excitement of new life in the air.


Now reimagined, the Lower West Side is peppered with chic photography studios, foodie spots, Chelsea galleries and cutting-edge fashion– making it a must-see on your trip.


Then, after finding hotspots even locals don’t know, you can explore this Burrough’s scenic beauty or catch a show at the Lincoln Center– full of the best theater, opera and films in the world.

Queens And Her Undiscovered Crown Of Jewels

The Most Diverse County Of America

Length: 4hours

Often overlooked, Queens boasts some of the best hidden gems in the city! Its the largest of the famous 5 Boroughs, packed with irresistible charm. It’s also the birthplace of the arts, a popular film location, and an official world food destination. Yum!


Take a globe-trotting tour of eats– Flushing is larger than Manhattan’s Chinatown, Corona is a Mexican food paradise, while Greek, Peruvian, Egyptian, and Japanese fare will tempt your senses.


When you’ve had your fill, walk the riverfront, see the Botanical Gardens, visit The Great Gatbsy’s ‘valley of ashes’ or catch a ballgame homer. Go Mets!


Bursting with unsung stories of people, history and culture, Queens is chock-full of surprises that’ll get you hooked on your bite of the Big Apple.

Get To Know The Real Bronx

An Authentic New York Adventure

Length: 4hours

An unexpected treasure of art, history and attractions, the Bronx might be the most underrated Borough of New York City. Bursting with beauty and culture, The Bronx boasts amazing parks, sunny beaches, incredible food and impressive cultural institutions.


From the Bronx Museum of Art to Yankee Stadium to the Bronx Zoo, you’ll see why people fall in love with this Borough. Just ask Jennifer Lopez, Billy Joel or Chazz Palminteri– all proud of their home turf!


Love the arts? See Edgar Allan Poe’s cottage where he created some of his most well- known works or stroll Woodlawn Cemetery– 400 lush acres where jazz greats Duke Ellignton and Miles Davis rest. Or kick off your heels on Orchard Beach and check out The Lehmen Center for the Performing Arts. It’s packed with amazing live entertainment.


Then, once you’re hungry, head over to the Belmont section for one of the city’s best-kept secrets– the real Little Italy. Known as the most authentic Italian district of the Big Apple, the Arthur Avenue Retail Market is where you’ll dine on the freshest breads, pastas, meats and sausage around. And don’t forget the cannolis!


With top notch shows, dozens of world-class brewhouses, gorgeous parks and cultural adventures, you’ll see why Bronx pride runs deep.


The Tour Of A Thousand Lights

Length: 4hours

Christmas is always a special time, but Christmas in New York City is pure magic. From late November to the new year, your visit to the Big Apple will be lit up with festivity brilliance.


Stop by Rockefeller Center to visit the most famous Christmas tree in the world. For over 80 years, millions have flocked to this festive, holiday beacon to see its lights, ice skate and sip hot chocolate.


Not to be outdone, the elaborate decorations of Dyker Heights, Brooklyn is the most extravagant Christmas light display in America– you’ won’t believe your eyes at the extraordinary decorations!


Then, once it’s time to warm up, catch an iconic holiday classic like Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker at the Lincoln Center, stroll the Artists and Fleas Chelsea Christmas Market, or spot Santa at Battery Park.


It really is the most wonderful time of the year– and in New York, it’s always the best!